In early November, we moved from Dublin, Ireland to Boston, MA and now the new relocation. 29th of March we moved to Irvine, California. It happened so suddenly that I still can not believe it. But now I see the palm trees through the window, not snow like in Boston. And the sun, and the wind is warm, … I really love it :)) And Pacific ocean and a rainbow on the waves … Can you see it?


All the time since movers have brought our things, I’m trying to build my new studio, but at the moment it looks more like a junk room. 🙂 But I do hope that in a week or two, I’ll be able to start working in it. For now, all that is left for me to do – it’s sketch of new jewelry designs and record ideas for new (or not) techniques to notebook…


Some time ago I created the community Polymer Clay Playground for Russian-speaking fans of polymer clay. Every week we make different kinds of beads on a given topic. One of those topic was the “polka-dots.” This is my version of the polka-dot beads and a necklace that I made of them.



Linen threads, wool felt, silk, glass seed beads

Image Image

1. Place a bead on the tip of the pin


Polymer clay beads, hand-made necklace cord.

This necklace was made just before Christmas day

Polymer clay beads and  pieces of silk from two old neckties, which are surprisingly well suited to the beads.

Polymer clay, silk screening technique